About us

Relatable Basic aims to create meaningful pieces that can be added to a customer’s home

We're Irene and Annie, the founder of Relatable Basic. We’re a two person team all the way who are just starting out our online business so there’s a lot to learn still. Both of us have just recently quit our tech job as User Experience Designer in Silicon Valley so this venture has been an exciting and scary one for us. We have graphic design background and are really passionate about creating fun and meaningful design that people can relate to. We have so many ideas that we want to design so you'll see more and more design coming to our store pretty soon.
Relatable Basic originally started as a t-shirt company but quickly failed after realizing that both of us wanted to work on a larger format of product, hence we discovered our love for designing on blankets. These blankets are made to last a lifetime and we hope they become a family favorite that will bring joy to your home.

Have an idea that you'd like us to design? Reach out to us at irene@relatablebasic.com. We'd love to hear from you :)
Kind regards,
Irene & Annie